7 Best Things About Color Factory NYC

7 Best Things About Color Factory NYC

I’m a long time fan and follower of Oh Happy Day and Jordan Ferney. When she and a small group of super cool artists decided to open the Color Factory SF, I was able to get tickets the first round. I still did’nt really know what the Color Factory actually was. In the months leading up to that, I remember Jordan sharing via social media how she stayed up many late nights working on the installations, hand painting or putting up decals all the way up to the last couple nights before opening the doors. I was in awe at the attention to detail and the obvious investment of her whole self and knew that at the very least my $35 ticket was supporting a woman with a vision who cared so damn much and believed in this project. When the day came to actually experience it for myself, it was mind blowing. It was interactive, playful, and super unique, I’d never been to anything like it.

Soon after their SF run, the Color Factory announced that they would be moving the project East to NYC. Coincidentally, Bryan and I had just booked a trip to New York and the opening run was during the same time we would be there. I knew I had to support this project again and this time bring Bryan along.

Without giving away too many details, because part of the fun of Color Factory is the surprise aspect. Here are 7 of my favorite things about Color Factory NYC and why I think you should go before tickets sell out!

Be a kid again: Exhibits are designed for play! There is huge pool sized ball pit filled with light blue plastic balls. It made us feel like kids at bull winkles (80’s kids, you remember?!) or chuckee cheese again. But obviously way prettier and cleaner. There were fun spin tables to ride on with built in cameras above that snapped a video of me spinning and a balloon room with built in fans that tossed mylar balloons up in the air all around us. There is something to be said when all your stress just goes away and you can have fun playing like a kid!

Treats: At various points along the tour we were greeted or were sent off with some sort of yummy treat. Each item was thoughtfully selected through real life taste testing and is meant to be a part of the exhibit it goes with. My favorite treat was at the very end of the tour. They gave us a little scoop of vanilla gelato, it was colored the faintest baby blue dyed with ground pea flowers. They were able to match the gelato perfectly to the plastic ball pit.

Color education: Yes, it’s colorful. Color is everywhere! The cool thing though it that around every corner there is and opportunity to learn more about color. There is history of color, light and sound, what colors mean to us peronally and the way made us feel. It was interesting to go deeper into color and look past the bright and beautiful we saw before us.

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Surprises: This may be my favorite thing about Color Factory. I generally don’t like surprises, but they nail it on the head every single time. How could we not be delighted? I won’t say too much here, but expect to ooh and awe a lot. At least, I know I did!

Celebration of Art: Color Factory is a celebration of art and artists. At the entrance near the coat check, the installation of 10,000 hand tied ribbons in every color imaginable is like walking under a sea of color. There was an exhibit on very random items collected together and displayed that we found fascinating. Old school phones were at each display and when picked up, gave us more info about the items collected. In the gift shop there are poems and drawings, created just for Color Factory.

The collaborations: The Color Factory is a project made possible by many. It’s amazing to see how many creative minds, local artists, brands and local businesses came together to make Color Factory what it is.

Love for NYC: Throughout the tour there were many little love letters to NYC. I know that the Color Factory team spent quite some time traveling back and fourth from California and New York, and spent extended periods of time exploring New York and living the city life. They were really able to capture the heart of NY and bring those experiences into the exhibits in many different ways.

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At the end of the tour, you’ll receive a map. It’s a walking adventure that takes you on a scavenger hunt to various places around downtown Manhattan. At each stop there may be a special treat on the menu, a fun trinket and even an atm machine that spits out art themed money with a special PIN number. I wish that we would have had more time to do this extra activity but we just couldn’t fit it in this time. You can also pick up a map at the Color Factory entrance for free (no ticket required) so you can still enjoy the magic if you can’t snag a ticket!

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